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What companies are for

Are the very rich people from today more generous than in the past? Is shareholder’s value the main purpose of any company? Should individuals decide for themselves what initiatives they want to support with their money or dividends? What do you think? Feel free to comment 1) Thanks to The Giving Pledge Initiative, 200+ individuals, couples or families from 23 different countries (no one from Spain) have pledged billions of post-tax dollars to philanthropy: 2) In Spain, there are individuals like Mr. Amancio Ortega, that not only create wealth, taxes and job opportunities for all, but also give back post-tax money, for instance, donating millions of euros to fight cancer 3) More recently, “Jeff” committed 10bn of his personal wealth 4) 180 CEOs say “Shareholder value is no longer everything” New York Times: The Economist:

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