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Sastreria Financiera matches unique investment opportunities with private capital

Why we
Do it

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We know its really difficult to find attractive investment opportunites and we are happy to match win-win opportunities for our network of entrepreneurs, investors and companies

We admire the people that take first steps down to new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision. We don’t want to leave alone the great creators, the thinkers, the artists, the scientist or the inventors

It requires some expertise to assess correctly the risks and returns attached to any private investment opportunity and manage patientily the asset and the business relationship until maturity

Investment Strategies


We finance top individuals with creative ideas, not only to start-up a business but performing research, designs or any great idea

SMEs without Succession

We match MBA’s and experienced managers with retiring local businessman owning great companies

Tailored investment Mandates

We fish and hunt for you and we manage the asset the way you want

Special situations

There is always some angle for some untapped value for someone with second level view

How we
do it

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We generate off-market opportunities, stripe them out and share an honest and direct view of their potential intrinsic value

We can help you to decide an investment strategy that fits your risk profile and objectives

Our fees are aligned with your goals: we like to put our time and money where our mouth is